Sunday, January 8, 2012

Vance and hines fuel pack?

I have the fuel pack for the 06 touring. Gas milage is terrible. Any help please.|||u need to get a power commander and have the proper map for ur bike. something isnt quite right with ur set up obviously, and i bet it's in the map.|||I had the Fuelpak on my Dyna for a short while. Mileage was down and the module connectors wouldn't fit right under the seat. Don't have a good solution for you but have similar problems. And V%26amp;H was no help either when I called them, they said to recalibrate over a period of weeks and it would get better.|||the best way to get all you can get out of your twin cam is to bite the bullett and buy the racer tuner from harley it works from a laptop and once you load it with your bikes vin# it will only work on your bike. all the others just come close and thats why your milage is down and I would bett along with your power. If you don't want to hassle with tuneing it yourself find a GOOD harley shop and they can do it for ya.

hint: your closest shop is not allways the best shop|||power commander is more user friendly than hd's race tuner...and if u dont have a harley, a race tuner would be worthless. a power commander will work with any bike. vance and hines's fuel pack is terrible...calling it junk would be too nice of term for it. they need to stick with what their good at and that's pipes.

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