Thursday, January 19, 2012

1999 Suzuki Gs500e choking when i open up the throttle?

I'll be riding all honky dory through the first 2 or 3 gears or till about 50mph and then at that point if i twist the throttle all the way and it just bogs until i get back down to about half throttle. I can still accelerate but i sucks not being able to do it very quickly from that point.

I have a stage 1 Dynojet kit and a Vance %26amp; Hines full exhaust system.

Just a few months ago i had to re-shim my right cylindar's exhaust valve due to some overheating issues. I have the valve clearance just fine but now it does that bog thingy.

I have run Sea-Foam through the tank but i'll run another one to be sure.

Is it running rich? or maybe you have some other suggestions.


Michael1999 Suzuki Gs500e choking when i open up the throttle?
To confirm fuel richness remove your plugs are verify their color.

Make sure air box to carb. connections are not leaking.

Based on your description and my 25 years with bikes it sounds like too much fuel and you may need to reduce main jet size or lower your needles a bit.

Start with the plugs for a baseline and go from there.1999 Suzuki Gs500e choking when i open up the throttle?
Some GS500's were restricted with washers in the inlet ports, - did you remove those on doing your stage1.... i hope so!.

Sounds like the carburation is off, perhaps the needles are incorrectly set at the wrong position. or restrictive airbox/ stuck on choke
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