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09 HD nightster exhaust?

The wife has a 09 hd nightster, and wants to change the exhaust to a vance and Hines short shot, no problem, but harley wants to change the intake, retune and dyno test, so to add a $450. exhaust it is now going to run over $1100, is all this necessary?09 HD nightster exhaust?
STAY AWAY FROM POWER COMMANDERS!!!!!....Especially on Sportsters and Softails, there is very little room to mount them, and they only control fuel, nothing else.

This question is being asked ALOT the last couple days....

The other two answers are both semi-correct, but there is more info that you should know.

I just asked a questions here earlier asking why people make such uninformed decisions when purchasing injection tuners...comparing the PC and such to Screamin Eagle's SUPER the question info and posts, if you have any questions, email me here through my profile and I will be happy to help.......;鈥?/a>

HD's injection will allow for a slight exhaust change with no mods, meaning a Screamin Eagle slip-on muffler, for better sound. However, The V%26amp;H Short Shots are for looks only, they are not good performance pipes at all...they are TOO SHORT and too free-flowing, even with tuning, they will not offer very good perfromance (they also tend to cause exhaust soot build-up on the wheel area). On top of that, the exhaust bracket on the Sporty's and Softails is also the exhaust cross-over, which helps make torque, eliinate that, you will lose alot of mid-range torque, the mid-range is where most of your riding is done and where you need the power the most.

Everyone wants better sound, but what about making the bike run CORRECTLY, more effieciently, more power....all this will actually make the engine run easier with less strain, it will make it run cooler which will make it last longer.

If you open up the exhaust, you should open up the intake and let more air in...but...if you do this, you MUST remap the injection to give it more fuel.

Properly tuned, with a GOOD set of pipes, a Screamin Eagle air cleaner or Arlen Ness Big Sucker (very good air cleaner) and proper tuning, you can pick up about 10-12 hp and about the same in torque.

Two similar questions...鈥?/a>;鈥?/a>
You don't have to take the bike to the dealer to do the job. You can just replace the Vance and Hines exhaust and it would just be plain loud without any performance gain. The intake must also be open up for more air, majority of the time people used Screamin Eagle intakes (which is just high flow K%26amp;N filter).

Since it is a 2009 and it is fuel injected motor, they will have to use a computer to retune the injecters to the new intakes and exhaust system. A independence HD repair shop can perform that sort of work for you at a fractional of the dealership price.

At the end, it is going to be one loud and fast bike!09 HD nightster exhaust?
I'm sorry but Al's answer is not fully correct.

The V%26amp;H exhaust is a great one. Whats going to happen is with the better, more free flowing exhaust your bike will run lean. Lean will lead to over heating and internal engine damage. You don't need to dyno test the bike or change the intake however. Take it to a non dealer shop. Since your bike is fuel injected it will need to be tuned for that exhaust. The "map" in the computer will not work correctly as the other sensors are feeding it information it is not set up for. You can, have them adjust your fuel injection computer for one general "map" or, (what I would do) is buy a Power Commander. It's easy to install and will automatically adjust your computer to get the best performance no matter where you ride the bike. A simple EGA test will determine if the bike is running correctly. Loud does not = fast
No, it's not necessary. If you keep the exhaust stock, you will have $1,100 in your pocket for gas, you won't be jeopardizing the bike's warranty...and your wife won't be annoying the neighbors with another loud Harley. Truly a "win-win" situation!09 HD nightster exhaust?
A buddy of mine had the short shots on his 09 nightster with the v%26amp;h fuel pak and he was very dissapointed in the performance.They sounded ok and looked good but that was it.

Biker almost got splashed today?

the old lady and i were coming home from dinner, and was at a light behind an obvious 'grandma'. 2 bikes were inbound coming out of the sun; 1 a rice rocket, another a v-rod. dumb broad practically left turned the v-rod that missed her by inches. she didnt even flinch. i could see both bikes thru the windshield, but i noticed: rocket boy had the highs on.....v-rod didnt. i should also point out that rocket boy didnt have a loud pipe. hd boy had at least a vance and hines. the window was cracked even, and i didnt hear the v-rod until it would have been from 1 cage length out. i consider that danger close when a bike is inbound at 40 mph and a cage turns in front of the bike. the ONLY thing i did hear is his back tire squeal from lockin it up. could u have done different?Biker almost got splashed today?
this is why i always ride with the brights on. when the sun is behind u, the glare on a cage's windsheild will practically hide u. that headlight is the only thing that makes u stick out, but they still have to be on the beam. another thing i do when coming in out of the sun, is do slight s-turns; it doesnt take much room to carve an 's', and if that will help a blind bat to see me, i'm all for it.

seems to me this loud pipe guy wound up getting complacent...and that almost costed him.Biker almost got splashed today?
If you're looking for a blessing for loud pipes, you won't get it from me. Consider the possibility that grandma WASN'T oblivious and was deliberately trying to kill someone. Loud pipes wouldn't help in that situation, and, indeed, might make grandma more inclined to roadrash someone.Biker almost got splashed today?
"could u have done different?"

Yes. I always run high beams during the day, headlight modulators work well also but I don't have one at the moment.

Also I wouldn't have locked the rear, if the tire is sliding then you have poor braking skills. To may riders down play the front brake due to misinformation or fear of flipping. I normally go through 2 sets of front pads to 1 set of rears.

Glad no one went down, this happens way to often.
That's who kills us, cagers turning left. When I leave my door I expect other drivers to do the most idiotic thing imaginable. I'm never disappointed

I'd have stayed off the brake and hit the throttle. The fact that the rear locked up is evidence of a novice or panicky rider..

Carbeurator jets?

When i purchased my bike, 2000 suzuki gfs600 bandit S, it came with the vance and hines ssr2 system exhaust on it. i'm assuming the jets had been replaced with this system install. ive recently added a k%26amp;n air filter to the mix and bike is running horribly, almost no power. do the jets need to be replaced again and if so which jets and what size. ive heard main jets only and have been told 165 or 170 for the jet size. does anyone know for sure or how i could find out?Carbeurator jets?
Carburetor jetting is a tricky process. You can go the trial and error route. Keep changing until you get the right combination. With a free flowing exhaust and air filter, the jets should be replaced. Go the simple route and buy a jet kit. The kit will have a new jet needle and main jets. The instructions will tell you which jets from the kit you should use for the modifications you've already made. Your bike comes with a 92 main jet, so going up to a 165 is overkill and will run just as bad.Carbeurator jets?
I agree with guardrailjim. Another option would be to take it to a Suzuki dealer and have them fine tune everything for you. Just in case your not mechanically inclined. I'm not so my mechanic John takes care of everything for me, including drinking a little of my beer and eating at my small cookouts. It is always good to keep the mechanic happy.

Good luck and enjoy the ride.Carbeurator jets?

As far as changing exhaust systems, the best place to go to get your bike running sweet is the local bike dyno tuner. No guess work here, they will find the correct jets and mixture settings.

None of that tuning by ear rubbish, they charge by the hour. It could cost $30 or $200.

Another thing with some susukis, especially the across 250, is the idle needle wears quickly. The point on it wears aways and needs to be replaced every 6000 miles. Not familiar with bandit carbs, but you never know.

Suzuki katana 1100 exhaust?

i cant seem to find very many exhausts for this bike. im getting a 93 and it has a vance and hines on it and its just to loud for me. any help?Suzuki katana 1100 exhaust?
try dennis


93 katana 1100 exhaustSuzuki katana 1100 exhaust?
Get ear plugs...

Aftermarket Jets for a 1996 CBR f3?

If i have a Vance and Hines Headers and Midpipe, Connected to a Vance and Hines Slip on (I dont Have them yet, but heard they would fit together).. and a K%26amp;N Air filter.. What size jets would I have to switch to? People say there are kits but they are expensive.. Cant I just buy the jets themselves cheap? Thanks. I really need to know the sizeAftermarket Jets for a 1996 CBR f3?
those pipes come with instructions on the jetting
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  • Motorcycle pipes?

    I am having problem trying to decide what pipes to put on my bike. I really like the way martin bros. pipes look. Someone told me they are really loud. i do want some real loud pipes, but I dont want to ruin the performance. Should I go with the martin bros? vance and hines I know are a safe bet, but im not sure I want the look that they offer. Someone please help me out.Motorcycle pipes?
    whatever you do don't listen to this oliver guy above. First rienharts are terrible pipes the baffles will rattle like crazy in about five thousand miles, they perform terrible, and they blue. also anytime you change pipes or aircleaners. you bike has to be tuned on a dyno (hd race tuner, power commander, etc.) he thinks the motor automatically fixes it he is wrong that guy is f**king up his motor. go with vance and hines they are by far the best quality, their big radius pipes would look great on that bike but you have plenty of time to decide since you can't get the bike for a couple months. good luck
    i put vance and hines shorts on a 06 night train the performance su@ked so i went with thunder headers thay sound grate performance is unrealMotorcycle pipes?

    Nice choice of bike!!!

    I ride an 07 Street glide

    Pipes for you should be rienhheart slip ons. You will get the best performance without getting on a dyno the computer of the bike will reset itself. You are looking at maybe 12-15 horse power gain and with that 96 cubic engine you do not need more. I have lifted my front tire off the ground in sixth gear, more power than that I really don't need. In Central California I tend to see more rienheart pipes than any other.
    look at bubs line of pipesMotorcycle pipes?
    Would help to know what bike you are talking about.

    In general 2 into 1 pipes are better performance, but I don't like the look of them. So I went with the V%26amp;H Big shots that have a hidden cross over, that make the two into two perform closer to two into one pipes.

    In general true straight pipes are very loud, and only effective at the race track at wide open throttle. For everyday application, you need some backpressure for efficiency.

    Pipe selection for looks and sound, is a very subjective choice.

    On my bike (VTX 1800R) the V%26amp;H sound good (IMHO), but are a bit louder than I would like, and seem to do well for performance.

    Try to find the same pipes as you are looking at, and see if you like how they look and sound mounted. Always best to see on your bike specifically, but looking at the same pipes on a similiar bike may be the best you can do.
    Martain Brothers pipes look cool but are looks only. They are not designed to perform and have no baffles. Additionally, I don't believe any of their pipes are plumbed for the sensors on the injected bikes.

    If you want pipes that are designed for your bike and are set up for the injection sensors, check out Vance and Hines or Hooker.
    just remap ur fuel injection after the pipe swap. U shouldn't loose much power. U will probably gain on the upper end of the RPM's. U will loose power through ur mid range though. Drag bike riders use the short unbaffled pipes like the martin bro's.

    Harley Davidson Nightster?

    I have a 2008 harley davidson nightster i want to debaffle it does it make it sound better or not a big difference, oh and how do i do it? They said drilling a 3/8 hole or even a 1/2 hole makes it sound good, sorry just have to save to get my actual vance and hines exhaust. thanks for the input.Harley Davidson Nightster?
    OK, I'll do it again....

    Be warned, both of these will affect your performance.

    The complete baffle removal will drop your bottom end response noticeably.

    You will need to remove the mufflers.

    With a hole saw that just barely fits inside the end of the outer case, cut the baffle where it joins the case at the outlet end.

    You may also use a Dremel or die grinder with a carbide burr.

    Remove all sharp edges.

    From the inlet end, push the baffle out. They are friction fit at the inlet, held in place by a rolled edge at the outlet (where you cut it free).

    The other option, good sound, and retains some back pressure:

    Remove the mufflers.

    From the inlet end, insert a piece of 1/2" black iron pipe.

    With a large hammer, whale it through the center plate in the baffle.

    Drive the pipe completely through and out the other end.

    With either method, you will want to re-tune. Even if you don't need to.

    Chances are you will. You just changed the airflow through the engine, and may need more fuel to compensate.

    You best bet would be to wait for your pipes (and tuner).
    I do know that punching out the baffle is possible. I did it on my bike before I bought my exhaust. I put Python3 s on it and made a world of difference. But putting several 3/8 holes through the baffle plate is possible. Removal of the baffles is not.Harley Davidson Nightster?
    Notice these questions on how to make exhaust louder always come from HD owners. I always love to hear their loud exhaust pipes as I blow by on my Victory.

    Classic Harley low tech performance upgrade. Drill holes in the muffler.
    You should be able to take the baffel out, the older Harleys had a nut and bolt holding them in.havent looked at the newer ones sorryHarley Davidson Nightster?
    I would wait and save for the vance and hines. It will be worth the wait.
    Have some consideration for others who are not thrilled with the sound of your wimpy bike.

    Harley Davidson....number one at converting gasoline into noise without the pesky side effect of horsepower.