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I Just bought a 2009 Dyna Super Glide Custom. Now after I break the bike in I want to put some Vance%26amp;Hines Big radius 2 into 2 pipes and a screamin eagle heavy breather. Now I seen a few things online that say i need a commander, or fuel pack, or race tuner. If I were to put the heavy breather, and the V%26amp;H Big radius pipes which one (commander, fuel pack, or race) would i need for them to remap it and can you give me some brands or links that you recommend....Thanks!|||I recommend getting a Super Tuner or Power Commander. I dislike the fuel pack because I have seen lots of problems with them. Super tuners run somewhere around 450 from a dealer Plus you have to pay shop rate for dyno tuning.|||Anthony,

I have vance and hines staggered on on my 02 fatboy with a screaming eagle big sucker and a kuryakyn corsair intake and all i did was rejet to a stage 2 kit but yours is fuel injected so you may need what you mention . My service manager for our local HD dealer is a great guy and always helps with things i have questions about . Plus i trust him on his advice , he wont try to sell me something i don't need .If you feel the same about yours ask him.Hope this helps,

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