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09 HD nightster exhaust?

The wife has a 09 hd nightster, and wants to change the exhaust to a vance and Hines short shot, no problem, but harley wants to change the intake, retune and dyno test, so to add a $450. exhaust it is now going to run over $1100, is all this necessary?09 HD nightster exhaust?
STAY AWAY FROM POWER COMMANDERS!!!!!....Especially on Sportsters and Softails, there is very little room to mount them, and they only control fuel, nothing else.

This question is being asked ALOT the last couple days....

The other two answers are both semi-correct, but there is more info that you should know.

I just asked a questions here earlier asking why people make such uninformed decisions when purchasing injection tuners...comparing the PC and such to Screamin Eagle's SUPER the question info and posts, if you have any questions, email me here through my profile and I will be happy to help.......;鈥?/a>

HD's injection will allow for a slight exhaust change with no mods, meaning a Screamin Eagle slip-on muffler, for better sound. However, The V%26amp;H Short Shots are for looks only, they are not good performance pipes at all...they are TOO SHORT and too free-flowing, even with tuning, they will not offer very good perfromance (they also tend to cause exhaust soot build-up on the wheel area). On top of that, the exhaust bracket on the Sporty's and Softails is also the exhaust cross-over, which helps make torque, eliinate that, you will lose alot of mid-range torque, the mid-range is where most of your riding is done and where you need the power the most.

Everyone wants better sound, but what about making the bike run CORRECTLY, more effieciently, more power....all this will actually make the engine run easier with less strain, it will make it run cooler which will make it last longer.

If you open up the exhaust, you should open up the intake and let more air in...but...if you do this, you MUST remap the injection to give it more fuel.

Properly tuned, with a GOOD set of pipes, a Screamin Eagle air cleaner or Arlen Ness Big Sucker (very good air cleaner) and proper tuning, you can pick up about 10-12 hp and about the same in torque.

Two similar questions...鈥?/a>;鈥?/a>
You don't have to take the bike to the dealer to do the job. You can just replace the Vance and Hines exhaust and it would just be plain loud without any performance gain. The intake must also be open up for more air, majority of the time people used Screamin Eagle intakes (which is just high flow K%26amp;N filter).

Since it is a 2009 and it is fuel injected motor, they will have to use a computer to retune the injecters to the new intakes and exhaust system. A independence HD repair shop can perform that sort of work for you at a fractional of the dealership price.

At the end, it is going to be one loud and fast bike!09 HD nightster exhaust?
I'm sorry but Al's answer is not fully correct.

The V%26amp;H exhaust is a great one. Whats going to happen is with the better, more free flowing exhaust your bike will run lean. Lean will lead to over heating and internal engine damage. You don't need to dyno test the bike or change the intake however. Take it to a non dealer shop. Since your bike is fuel injected it will need to be tuned for that exhaust. The "map" in the computer will not work correctly as the other sensors are feeding it information it is not set up for. You can, have them adjust your fuel injection computer for one general "map" or, (what I would do) is buy a Power Commander. It's easy to install and will automatically adjust your computer to get the best performance no matter where you ride the bike. A simple EGA test will determine if the bike is running correctly. Loud does not = fast
No, it's not necessary. If you keep the exhaust stock, you will have $1,100 in your pocket for gas, you won't be jeopardizing the bike's warranty...and your wife won't be annoying the neighbors with another loud Harley. Truly a "win-win" situation!09 HD nightster exhaust?
A buddy of mine had the short shots on his 09 nightster with the v%26amp;h fuel pak and he was very dissapointed in the performance.They sounded ok and looked good but that was it.

Biker almost got splashed today?

the old lady and i were coming home from dinner, and was at a light behind an obvious 'grandma'. 2 bikes were inbound coming out of the sun; 1 a rice rocket, another a v-rod. dumb broad practically left turned the v-rod that missed her by inches. she didnt even flinch. i could see both bikes thru the windshield, but i noticed: rocket boy had the highs on.....v-rod didnt. i should also point out that rocket boy didnt have a loud pipe. hd boy had at least a vance and hines. the window was cracked even, and i didnt hear the v-rod until it would have been from 1 cage length out. i consider that danger close when a bike is inbound at 40 mph and a cage turns in front of the bike. the ONLY thing i did hear is his back tire squeal from lockin it up. could u have done different?Biker almost got splashed today?
this is why i always ride with the brights on. when the sun is behind u, the glare on a cage's windsheild will practically hide u. that headlight is the only thing that makes u stick out, but they still have to be on the beam. another thing i do when coming in out of the sun, is do slight s-turns; it doesnt take much room to carve an 's', and if that will help a blind bat to see me, i'm all for it.

seems to me this loud pipe guy wound up getting complacent...and that almost costed him.Biker almost got splashed today?
If you're looking for a blessing for loud pipes, you won't get it from me. Consider the possibility that grandma WASN'T oblivious and was deliberately trying to kill someone. Loud pipes wouldn't help in that situation, and, indeed, might make grandma more inclined to roadrash someone.Biker almost got splashed today?
"could u have done different?"

Yes. I always run high beams during the day, headlight modulators work well also but I don't have one at the moment.

Also I wouldn't have locked the rear, if the tire is sliding then you have poor braking skills. To may riders down play the front brake due to misinformation or fear of flipping. I normally go through 2 sets of front pads to 1 set of rears.

Glad no one went down, this happens way to often.
That's who kills us, cagers turning left. When I leave my door I expect other drivers to do the most idiotic thing imaginable. I'm never disappointed

I'd have stayed off the brake and hit the throttle. The fact that the rear locked up is evidence of a novice or panicky rider..

Carbeurator jets?

When i purchased my bike, 2000 suzuki gfs600 bandit S, it came with the vance and hines ssr2 system exhaust on it. i'm assuming the jets had been replaced with this system install. ive recently added a k%26amp;n air filter to the mix and bike is running horribly, almost no power. do the jets need to be replaced again and if so which jets and what size. ive heard main jets only and have been told 165 or 170 for the jet size. does anyone know for sure or how i could find out?Carbeurator jets?
Carburetor jetting is a tricky process. You can go the trial and error route. Keep changing until you get the right combination. With a free flowing exhaust and air filter, the jets should be replaced. Go the simple route and buy a jet kit. The kit will have a new jet needle and main jets. The instructions will tell you which jets from the kit you should use for the modifications you've already made. Your bike comes with a 92 main jet, so going up to a 165 is overkill and will run just as bad.Carbeurator jets?
I agree with guardrailjim. Another option would be to take it to a Suzuki dealer and have them fine tune everything for you. Just in case your not mechanically inclined. I'm not so my mechanic John takes care of everything for me, including drinking a little of my beer and eating at my small cookouts. It is always good to keep the mechanic happy.

Good luck and enjoy the ride.Carbeurator jets?

As far as changing exhaust systems, the best place to go to get your bike running sweet is the local bike dyno tuner. No guess work here, they will find the correct jets and mixture settings.

None of that tuning by ear rubbish, they charge by the hour. It could cost $30 or $200.

Another thing with some susukis, especially the across 250, is the idle needle wears quickly. The point on it wears aways and needs to be replaced every 6000 miles. Not familiar with bandit carbs, but you never know.

Suzuki katana 1100 exhaust?

i cant seem to find very many exhausts for this bike. im getting a 93 and it has a vance and hines on it and its just to loud for me. any help?Suzuki katana 1100 exhaust?
try dennis


93 katana 1100 exhaustSuzuki katana 1100 exhaust?
Get ear plugs...

Aftermarket Jets for a 1996 CBR f3?

If i have a Vance and Hines Headers and Midpipe, Connected to a Vance and Hines Slip on (I dont Have them yet, but heard they would fit together).. and a K%26amp;N Air filter.. What size jets would I have to switch to? People say there are kits but they are expensive.. Cant I just buy the jets themselves cheap? Thanks. I really need to know the sizeAftermarket Jets for a 1996 CBR f3?
those pipes come with instructions on the jetting
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  • Motorcycle pipes?

    I am having problem trying to decide what pipes to put on my bike. I really like the way martin bros. pipes look. Someone told me they are really loud. i do want some real loud pipes, but I dont want to ruin the performance. Should I go with the martin bros? vance and hines I know are a safe bet, but im not sure I want the look that they offer. Someone please help me out.Motorcycle pipes?
    whatever you do don't listen to this oliver guy above. First rienharts are terrible pipes the baffles will rattle like crazy in about five thousand miles, they perform terrible, and they blue. also anytime you change pipes or aircleaners. you bike has to be tuned on a dyno (hd race tuner, power commander, etc.) he thinks the motor automatically fixes it he is wrong that guy is f**king up his motor. go with vance and hines they are by far the best quality, their big radius pipes would look great on that bike but you have plenty of time to decide since you can't get the bike for a couple months. good luck
    i put vance and hines shorts on a 06 night train the performance su@ked so i went with thunder headers thay sound grate performance is unrealMotorcycle pipes?

    Nice choice of bike!!!

    I ride an 07 Street glide

    Pipes for you should be rienhheart slip ons. You will get the best performance without getting on a dyno the computer of the bike will reset itself. You are looking at maybe 12-15 horse power gain and with that 96 cubic engine you do not need more. I have lifted my front tire off the ground in sixth gear, more power than that I really don't need. In Central California I tend to see more rienheart pipes than any other.
    look at bubs line of pipesMotorcycle pipes?
    Would help to know what bike you are talking about.

    In general 2 into 1 pipes are better performance, but I don't like the look of them. So I went with the V%26amp;H Big shots that have a hidden cross over, that make the two into two perform closer to two into one pipes.

    In general true straight pipes are very loud, and only effective at the race track at wide open throttle. For everyday application, you need some backpressure for efficiency.

    Pipe selection for looks and sound, is a very subjective choice.

    On my bike (VTX 1800R) the V%26amp;H sound good (IMHO), but are a bit louder than I would like, and seem to do well for performance.

    Try to find the same pipes as you are looking at, and see if you like how they look and sound mounted. Always best to see on your bike specifically, but looking at the same pipes on a similiar bike may be the best you can do.
    Martain Brothers pipes look cool but are looks only. They are not designed to perform and have no baffles. Additionally, I don't believe any of their pipes are plumbed for the sensors on the injected bikes.

    If you want pipes that are designed for your bike and are set up for the injection sensors, check out Vance and Hines or Hooker.
    just remap ur fuel injection after the pipe swap. U shouldn't loose much power. U will probably gain on the upper end of the RPM's. U will loose power through ur mid range though. Drag bike riders use the short unbaffled pipes like the martin bro's.

    Harley Davidson Nightster?

    I have a 2008 harley davidson nightster i want to debaffle it does it make it sound better or not a big difference, oh and how do i do it? They said drilling a 3/8 hole or even a 1/2 hole makes it sound good, sorry just have to save to get my actual vance and hines exhaust. thanks for the input.Harley Davidson Nightster?
    OK, I'll do it again....

    Be warned, both of these will affect your performance.

    The complete baffle removal will drop your bottom end response noticeably.

    You will need to remove the mufflers.

    With a hole saw that just barely fits inside the end of the outer case, cut the baffle where it joins the case at the outlet end.

    You may also use a Dremel or die grinder with a carbide burr.

    Remove all sharp edges.

    From the inlet end, push the baffle out. They are friction fit at the inlet, held in place by a rolled edge at the outlet (where you cut it free).

    The other option, good sound, and retains some back pressure:

    Remove the mufflers.

    From the inlet end, insert a piece of 1/2" black iron pipe.

    With a large hammer, whale it through the center plate in the baffle.

    Drive the pipe completely through and out the other end.

    With either method, you will want to re-tune. Even if you don't need to.

    Chances are you will. You just changed the airflow through the engine, and may need more fuel to compensate.

    You best bet would be to wait for your pipes (and tuner).
    I do know that punching out the baffle is possible. I did it on my bike before I bought my exhaust. I put Python3 s on it and made a world of difference. But putting several 3/8 holes through the baffle plate is possible. Removal of the baffles is not.Harley Davidson Nightster?
    Notice these questions on how to make exhaust louder always come from HD owners. I always love to hear their loud exhaust pipes as I blow by on my Victory.

    Classic Harley low tech performance upgrade. Drill holes in the muffler.
    You should be able to take the baffel out, the older Harleys had a nut and bolt holding them in.havent looked at the newer ones sorryHarley Davidson Nightster?
    I would wait and save for the vance and hines. It will be worth the wait.
    Have some consideration for others who are not thrilled with the sound of your wimpy bike.

    Harley Davidson....number one at converting gasoline into noise without the pesky side effect of horsepower.

    2005 Harley Classic with EFI upgrade - will this work?

    I want to replace my stock air cleaner and exhaust system with an Arlen Ness, "big sucka" and Vance and HInes Pro Pipe HS. If I use a Power Commander to dynamically alter the fuel will I see need an ECM reprogram and would a dynamometer run result in the best fine tuning for performance in torgue and HP in the 0 to 100mph range. thanks.2005 Harley Classic with EFI upgrade - will this work?
    The power commander has a memory and a usb port to download into your computer. You can use this information with the software supplied by dynojet to create your own curves. No dyno testing is nessecary.2005 Harley Classic with EFI upgrade - will this work?
    I wish I could answer your question, but I just bought a 2006 springer softail w/ fuel injection and love it! Enjoy yours!!2005 Harley Classic with EFI upgrade - will this work?
    use harley's efi tuner

    Sportster 48 Exhaust Change?

    I have a 2010 Sportster 48 which I love, but it's too quiet. I have decided to change the pipes to the common but much loved Vance and Hines Black Shortshots. Until I can afford a new air cleaner and tuner, I want to just install the pipes.

    I know I'll lose performance, but the dealer told me that if I install just the pipes I should add the Quiet Baffles which alter the flow and should therefore operate better than the standard baffles.

    Does that sound right?Sportster 48 Exhaust Change?
    Jonathon think about this logically.Your stock exhaust has X amount of restrictive back pressure,which also has a little to do with decibels also.So you want to buy a better(louder)pipe to put on but you are going to put a quiet baffle in it.Is it just me or did you just fork out some money for a new pipe that has a baffle in it that is similar to the one in the stock pipe.I guess I don't get the reasoning behind this except that you want to have some Vance-Hines pipes on them.Why don't you just wait until you have all the cheese and do it all at the same time cause believe me,you will need a bit of tuning done to it to make it right. Last year I was at a big bike show--I saw a lot of people around the Vance-Hines tent.They were offering almost 50% off to any one who wanted to get their bike done at the show so people could see and witness all that was involved in the change over.One brave soul stepped out and gave them the nod to go ahead with his bike.This was 11 am- So I watched for ten minutes or so and went for a walk to see all the bikes.An hour later we kept hearing this really loud bike that had a tremendous backfire every time they let off the gas-we thought it was a fire shooter.This was all going on at the V-H tent on this guys poor bike.3 hours this went on until the guy said he had heard enough they couldn't get the tuning down correctly and this was a V-H tech.They put the old stuff back on and the bike ran like a champ.Just a thought!Sportster 48 Exhaust Change?
    Just don't do it. Loud pipes are terrible for our sport. Your bike will gain very little performance with a pipe change. It will gain a bunch of annoyance factor.Sportster 48 Exhaust Change?
    Yes and you may not need to remap the injection system.
    Leave the air intake alone and you won't need to remap..

    R6 Muffler on a YZF 600R?

    I have an aftermaket Vance and Hines that I don't like at all. Has anyone tried or considered putting the stock Titanium R6 muffler on their YZF? I'm wondering if the muffler will be able to clear the swingarm and footpeg? They are cheap and would look better than the stock pipe I think... Any thoughts? Anyone heard of it?R6 Muffler on a YZF 600R?
    an fmf pipe is better but and r6 will do
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  • Why is my bike backfiring?

    I have a 93 shadow vt1100 and when you let off the gas at high rpms I'm getting a backfiring. Some people think it sounds good but I don't really like it. I'm not sure if its the Vance and Hines exhaust thats on it or if there's something else. Any help please. ThanksWhy is my bike backfiring?
    When after market pipes are fitted it should be rejetted to suit but needs to by someone who knows how to do it properly its not just a case of buying a couple of jets and putting them in. If you are only using unleaded put premium in and you will notice a big differenceWhy is my bike backfiring?
    If you changed exhausts without re-jetting the carbs you are running lean. Your air/ fuel mix needs more fuel.

    If you have re-jetted the carbs, then you may need to balance them.Why is my bike backfiring?
    Your aftermarket exhaust has probably leaned out your mixture if you did not re-jet for it. A leak at the exhaust pipe flange could also cause backfiring.
    Either exhaust leak or fuel mixture is off causing bike to run lean. Check for leaks in the exhaust and adjust pilot screw if necessary. This will make your fuel mixture richer. If you don't know how to do it yourself take it to someone you trust. Decel popping won't hurt anything by the way.

    Typical displacement/ HP gain/loss from aftermarket pipes.?

    Im looking to find the stats on Vance and Hines Cruzer and Cobra 2 into 1 Powerpro HP pipes. as much info as possible. I have the prices but im trying to find more stats.Typical displacement/ HP gain/loss from aftermarket pipes.?
    Good luck. Stats on bike mods are hardly ever given. Bikes have fairly simple, short exhaust systems. There usually isn't a lot to be gained. Often, bikes lose a little, but not always. Anyways, it is all pretty anecdotal since the exhaust makers don't put any info out.

    Displacement is a factor of engine geometry. It is calculated as the volume of the cylinder that is "bore" in diameter and "stroke" in height, times number of cylinders. Exhaust doesn't change that.

    Exhaust on bikes is often changed because the old one rusted out (not so much these days), or the user likes the look and/or sound of the new pipe. There just isn't a whole lot of performance to be gained with it on a modern car, much less a modern bike.

    Now, tell us what kind of bike you are talking about.Typical displacement/ HP gain/loss from aftermarket pipes.?
    Your Aero is a 750cc, so it has maybe 40 or 42 horsepower. If you get 3 more horsepower with the new pipe you will be lucky, as most V-twin pipes are not sold on performance, more looks or sound. With your other changes maybe a bit more power. You will likely notice the difference, but its not going to blow your socks off. But hey its a good bike, plenty of power, and if you like the new pipes and other changes to make it YOUR bike go for it. If you need 100 hp, look for a much bigger bike.

    Harley exhaust help please?

    I have a 2005 Harley FXST softail standard with 88ci carburated engine, with Vance and Hines straightshots HS installed by Harley. I am wanting to put unbaffled Samson Groundpounders on it because I like the sound so much better. I am wanting to know if there are any pros out there who can tell me what if anything special I need to do to it first. I have heard lots of things about back pressure, reversion cones, torque cones, nothing at all, just slap them on. ect. ect.

    I am needing help so I do it right. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Where I live nobody cares about the roar! Thanks in advance........Harley exhaust help please?
    Your carb will very likely need to be jetted a bit fatter.

    The torque cones and reversion cones your hearing about are supposed to help make up for the lost back pressure that comes with running uncorked pipes.

    I've not been very happy with cones, they really are not the same as back pressure made in the middle of the pipes.

    If you've got your heart set on running straight pipes, just re-jet and live with the flat spots in your power band ( usually out of the hole power is lost)

    Consider cutting the baffles in half, better sound and still reasonable back pressure.
    After you put them on you might want to take your bike in to the dealership and get them to re jet your carb. but that should be it. I run straight pipes on my 03. I was told all about loosing back pressure and how it would decrees power. But I have never experienced any power lose.Harley exhaust help please?
    I've changed the exhausts on all my Harleys. The carburated models are cheaper to do. First off, when you installed the V%26amp;H pipes, did you rejet the carb? you should have. If not, your gonna have to after you install the new pipes for sure. If you did rejet, you may not have to with the new pipes, but you have to have it checked on a dyno to be sure. Dyno time runs around $360.00 for 5 hours. If your dealership has already installed those pipes on that year and model bike, it only needs a 1 hour session on the dyno since they already have the proper "map" set up. If not, they will charge you for the full 5 hours.

    The reason for the rejetis this: When you change out to a free flowing exhaust, you reduce the "back pressure" on the motor, this causes the motor to run leaner. Too lean causes overheating, pinging under acceleration, and flat spots in the power band. It can also cause engine damage. Also, it is always best to change your aircleaner set up to a high volume set up like the screaming eagle stage 1 kit. This allows the motor to get more air, which cause it to perform better. It is always recomended that you change this air cleaner when you install pipes. This will increase your horse power and torque. On my '06 Dyna wide glide, by installing SE2 pipes and the stage 1 kit, I got 12 HP more and changed the limiter setting on the rpms. On my '07 ultra classic, I installed python pipes, the stage 1 kit and gained 22.9 HP and went up to 90.3 ft pounds of torque. This of course after dyno tuning the motor on both bikes. On the dyna, they had a map already and it cost me for 1 hr of time. On the classic, it cost me for 5 hrs.
    AAWWEE....the beautiful sound of a straight unbaffled Harley exhaust. After installing the new pipes more than likely you will be running lean. Running lean can cause piston failure due to excessive heat in the cylinder. You need to re-jet the carb after the install. There 3 jets in the carb that will need to be changed. Main jet, needle jet and pilot jet. These jets work over the entire range of throtle response. To check how you are running you need to do a Plug Chop. Wrap a piece of tape around the throttle, open the throttle all the way open and mark the tape at that position.(put a mark on the ignition housing to align marks with) Now position throttle half way between full and none and mark that. Now mark positions at 1/4 and 3/4. Now get 3 sets of brand new plugs. On a set of old plugs run the bike up to operating tempature. Put in a set of new plugs. Run bike at 1/4 throttle for atleast 5 miles. DO NOT let off the throttle, but pull in the clutch and kill the bike and coast to a stop. Pull plugs and ya want them to have a nice carmel brown color. Dark chocolate is too rich and white chocolate is too lean. Now put in another set of new plugs and do the same thing at 1/2 throttle. Check plugs and put in new set of plugs. Now do the same thing at 3/4 throttle. Again check plugs, looking for that nice carmel brown color. Adjust jets accordingly, too rich (dark chocolate) needs a smaller jet, too lean (white chocolate) needs a bigger jet.


    ...............o~`o............Ride on and Ride safeHarley exhaust help please?
    after they are on and running,

    check the plugs, odds are the bike will be running lean.

    not only does this hurt power but can damage the pistons.

    don't let it go like that..rejet the carb as soon as you can !
    the dealer probably checked your fuel ratio %26amp; rejetted when they installed the V%26amp;H pipes so it would "probably" be close to right for the samsons too. it should be Ok to put the samsons on %26amp; try them for a while. check your plugs after a hiway run before you let it idle, for any blisters or melted electrode indications, the ceramic part should be tan ,brown or black to be safe. plugs will usually be black after it idles a while, that just makes them hard to read.the torque cones wont do you much good with a stock cam. but may improve your idle %26amp; low speed response. I'm experimenting with cones now. with 2'' drag pipes they kill the upper rpm range on the 96"with a crane 308b cam I,m trying them on, but with 1 3/4 pipes the cones work great, I,m goin to try a 3 step 2 into 1 with %26amp; without the cones next. trying to get that exaust reversion wave into a broad rpm range seems to be more alchemy than science so try the cones out if you have the time, their cheap.

    I'm looking in to a Cobra exhaust system for my Vulcan 900 Custom... Is a fuel management must have???

    I'm in the process of getting a set of pipes for my bike and in mind I have a set of Cobras 2 into 1 or the Speedster slashdown. Also Vance and hines have some nice ones too.

    Here is my question???

    The store that I called said that if I change the pipes then I HAVE to get a fuel management controler. Anyone out there knows if its really needed??? What happens if you don't get that? I know in a car you can just change the exhaust and the intake with out a management controler but then again thats a different world. Money is not really an issue is just that I hate to spend money on uneeded things. If you have a Vulcan 900 and added pipes can you please tell me if it really made a difference in sound and what brand did you get.

    Tks for your advise!I'm looking in to a Cobra exhaust system for my Vulcan 900 Custom... Is a fuel management must have???
    i belive ur asking about a power commander. yes, it's highly adviseable to have 1. they're for fuel injected bikes, and they control the air/fuel mix to get the best performance

    How can i tell if my 2002 sportster 883 is a sport or not?

    vance and hines needs to know in order to get the right exhaust kitHow can i tell if my 2002 sportster 883 is a sport or not?
    You answered your own's an 883...Harley never made an 883 Sport Model, the Sport Models were 1200's only. Not only that, the only thing that made them a Sport Model was dual front disc, fully adjustable cartridge style forks, fully adjustable shock, slightly hotter cams, different combustion chamber shape and dual plug ignition.....NONE of this would matter for an exhaust system, the only thing that affect the exhaust would be forward or mid-shift foot controls.How can i tell if my 2002 sportster 883 is a sport or not?
    Your question was answered already, but have you thought of doing a 1200 upgrade? It was the best money I ever spent on my old Sportster. The difference was amazing, and it wasn't really all that much more expensive than a set of nice pipes.How can i tell if my 2002 sportster 883 is a sport or not?
    Buy a 2 into 1 exhaust, they out perform all 2 into 2 exhaust.
    So you have no idea what bike you own. Why not sell it cheep to someone who likes motorcycles?
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  • How much can I get for my customized Harley Davidson Fatboy?

    I am thinking of selling my bike so I can buy a house but not unless I can list it for a good price. I'm sure I won't get a lot of $$$ back for all the custom stuff. It may be better to just keep it.


    2001 FLSTF-I Fatboy

    Color: Black

    Condition: Excellent

    9500 miles

    Displacement: 95.0 ci, 1550 cc

    Compression Ratio: 10.5:1



    SCREAMIN EAGLE Performance Heads

    SCREAMIN EAGLE High Compression Pistons

    SCREAMIN EAGLE Ignition Race Tuner System

    Corbin Gunfighter %26amp; Lady Seat w/Backrest

    Vance %26amp; Hines Long Shots

    HD Wide Tire Kit

    Wild 1 CHUBBYS庐 16" Apes

    Custom Braided Clutch Cable

    Custom Braided Brake Cable

    Custom Braided Throttle Cable

    Kuryakyn Laydown L.E.D. Taillight Conversion

    Kuryakyn L.E.D. Silver Bullets

    Chrome Headlight Nacelle

    Chrome Headlamp Trim Ring

    Chrome Fork Slider covers

    Chrome Upper TinsHow much can I get for my customized Harley Davidson Fatboy?
    You've done some nice mods, but in general you don't get any of that money back when you sell a bike. The mods may make it more appealing to a potential buyer, but won't necessarily increase the resale price. Most folks will be financing a bike like that anyway and the bank is only going to loan them a certain amount based on year and model regardless of any upgrades.How much can I get for my customized Harley Davidson Fatboy?
    Sounds nice - but any bike is only worth what someone is willing to pay.Keep it bro - you will regret this if you sell it, of this I AM SURE.How much can I get for my customized Harley Davidson Fatboy?
    kelly blue book retail value of your bike in perfect condition is 11,850.00 dollars.

    How much is this Harley worth?

    Here's the AD:

    2004 Harley Davidson with over 10,000 worth of modifications and accessories. 200mm rear FAT wheel kit with 18" solid disk wheel and 21" dual blade front wheel. STAGE II engine kit with 6 speed transmission box supported by Vance %26amp; Hines pipes, SE high flow air filter element %26amp; Dinojet power commander to control the many extra added horses. Billet spike hand grips, foot pegs, custom mirrors and drag handlebar. A very attractive Harley Davidson Racing lines peel-off custom paint job to finish the power plant.

    The bike is guaranteed to run flawlessly.

    27k on the clock since brand new.

    Here's a video of some images that were included in the ad.鈥?/a>

    Pleas let me know how much you think it's worthHow much is this Harley worth?
    "Worth" is a varible.

    It is worth a minimum amount to the seller, the least he is willing to take for it.

    It is worth some maximum that you are willing to give to buy the bike.

    Since I do not know you or the seller I cannlt tell you what the bike is worth to either of you. All I can tell you is what the bike is worth to me -- nothing.
    I can't view the clip now but I'll start the bidding at 50k.How much is this Harley worth?
    I am not sure who did those modifications, but I doubt that is 10,000 of them. If it is than the seller got ripped off and you shouldn't have to make up for his mistake of not shopping around.

    Frankly, custom mod's are very valuable to the person who gets them but after a bike is 'custom' to its rider, it actually loses value to another rider since they would want a different 'custom' bike. If you like the look and feel and sound of the bike, than cool!

    Also, try to get engine hours instead of just mileage, motorcycles use mileage differently than cars, so 27k could actually be an extremely worn engine. Check the KBB and if the seller has all the stock parts to it.

    Just from looking it over very briefly, I wouldn't pay more than 15 for it, 20 would be an absolute max, and that is if it is in absolutly perfect condition with a certification from a DEALER mechanic that the engine is in good shape.

    Good luck, hope it helps!

    a new HD soft tail costs $24K and you have over $10K of acessoriesHow much is this Harley worth?
    About $9,000 if you turned it in to a dealer. About $12,000 just for the bike. With the add INS perhaps another $4,000 if he has all the receipts, and has had the stuff installed by a professional. Does he have all the receipts for the regular maintenance for that mileage. IT's right at the limit for that year so maintenance documentation will be really important. From a private buyer you can expect about $13- 15,000 tops if all the paperwork is in order.
    what a piece of crap. i bid ten dollars.

    08 Harley Sportster Back fireing on decel after adding power commander?

    I just bought a 08 Sporster, I put vance %26amp; hines slip on's, SE air filter and power commander. I uploaded the map from power commander for my set up. But its not right. Its running to rich. Its popping on decel....and on cold cuts out when I try to rev.....and black smoke for about the first min. After about a min. I can smoke, only decel popping.

    Tech support from power commander was not very help full. They said I could ajust to make it less rich or more lean. But I don't know how so....The only thing I know to do is get it on a dyno "OUCH" Anybody know anything I can do besides Dyno?

    Thanks, any help would be greatful08 Harley Sportster Back fireing on decel after adding power commander?
    The mans right, take that junk off and sell it.

    Ride the bike like it came from the factory.

    If you want to go fast get a Honda.

    Sportsters aren't fast and never will be.
    since you have already installed pipes as well as the air cleaner witha power commander the best thing to do is take it in and have it re-mapped on the dyno it scuks but that would fix the problems your having I was told by the Harley shop that as long as all I do is change the pipes I wouldn't have to do a dyno tune-up but if I install the screaming eagle air cleaner it with the aftermarket exshaust pipes i would need to have it tuned up on the dyno08 Harley Sportster Back fireing on decel after adding power commander?
    I have owned bikes with fuel injection(Harleys)and power commanders. I know when u first start one they will run rich for awhile because the choke is working. Mine always threw black smoke for a little while after starting. Dynos will get it done right.
    a little black smoke when reving on a cold start up is not necessarily bad. the popping on deceleration COULD be nothing more than a small air leak in your exhaust

    but it sounds like you've already voided your warranty so you better let them remap it on the dyno to make sure you dont do any damage. better to pay for an hour on the dyno now than to pay for an upper end job later.08 Harley Sportster Back fireing on decel after adding power commander?
    First, congrats on the new bike. Dont listen to those other wannabees...they all have a deep down desire.

    Dynos are expensive...but well will notice a big difference.

    Sounds like it is running to rich...might need to just turn down the oil intake...or gas input...
    if you wanna go fast go get a Japanese bike.
    the first thing you need to do is make sure there are no exhaust leaks, (with the motor running, take a lighter and move the flame around the exhaust port and the O2 sensors, if the flame flickers then you have a leak and you need to fix it) You did reconnect the O2 sensors back didn't you?

    If every thing is right then lean it out a little (very little) take the bike for a ride then check the plugs (light tan color is what your shooting for).

    Decel popping is common for V%26amp;H pipes. Richen up the decel portion on your power commander if it offers it.

    You can tune this out with Race tuner but I'm not sure about power commander (one of the reasons why we don't recommend them to our customers)

    1994 gsxr 1100 question?

    i asked a ? yesterday and got some good answers. the is not totally stock. i guess i was thinking of motor work only. it has a vance %26amp; hines full exhaust, k%26amp;n air filters and the carbs have been jetted.i put some dyna 3 ohm coils on the bike last year and it ran great. but this year for some reason the bike falls on its face after sitting at a light and i can not get but 7,000 rpm in first gear and it has allot of hesitation. but once i shift into second it is fine, there's no hesitation and i can run the rpm up to 11,000.carbs have been cleaned. and it still does the same thing.1994 gsxr 1100 question?
    go back to stock coils see if it stops

    1999 Suzuki Gs500e choking when i open up the throttle?

    I'll be riding all honky dory through the first 2 or 3 gears or till about 50mph and then at that point if i twist the throttle all the way and it just bogs until i get back down to about half throttle. I can still accelerate but i sucks not being able to do it very quickly from that point.

    I have a stage 1 Dynojet kit and a Vance %26amp; Hines full exhaust system.

    Just a few months ago i had to re-shim my right cylindar's exhaust valve due to some overheating issues. I have the valve clearance just fine but now it does that bog thingy.

    I have run Sea-Foam through the tank but i'll run another one to be sure.

    Is it running rich? or maybe you have some other suggestions.


    Michael1999 Suzuki Gs500e choking when i open up the throttle?
    To confirm fuel richness remove your plugs are verify their color.

    Make sure air box to carb. connections are not leaking.

    Based on your description and my 25 years with bikes it sounds like too much fuel and you may need to reduce main jet size or lower your needles a bit.

    Start with the plugs for a baseline and go from there.1999 Suzuki Gs500e choking when i open up the throttle?
    Some GS500's were restricted with washers in the inlet ports, - did you remove those on doing your stage1.... i hope so!.

    Sounds like the carburation is off, perhaps the needles are incorrectly set at the wrong position. or restrictive airbox/ stuck on choke
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  • Tuner for 2011 Harley Davidson Dyna Wide Glide?

    Ok so I'm new to Harleys but not to bikes I have a 2011 Dyna Wide Glide with Vance %26amp; Hines Big Radius 2-2 Chrome Exhaust and a Kuryakyn Hi-Five Mach 2 Breather what is the best tuner/map combo for what I have on my bike... I used a Power Commander on the GSXR1000 I once had... Any help would be much appreciated....Tuner for 2011 Harley Davidson Dyna Wide Glide?
    Without a doubt, the Screamin Eagle SUPER TUNER is the BEST for street use!!!

    The SEST is nothing more than an interface that reprorgams the factory ECM, with nothing to add to the bike. Power Cammanders are great for the import bikes, but severely limited for HD's for their capabilities, without adding extra modules to do what the SEST does all by itself.

    The SEST has unlimited adjustments for air/fuel ration, rev limit, ignition timing, accelrator pump, fly by wire sensitivity, auto decel enleanment to eliminate decel exhaust pop, injector sizing, engine displacement, and so on, and so on....

    Pwr Comm's can't do anything NEAR what the SEST can do, the Pwr Comm's have to be mounted somewhere, which is HARD, then, if you want further and NECCESSARY refinement in tuning, you must add a separate module for ignition timing....a/f ratio, rev limit and timing is ALL the Pwr Comms can do, and they must be ADDED and MOUNTED to the bike....the SEST does it all with nothing to add, just plug it, tune it, unplug it.... that's it.

    As far a map goes, ANY map found on line will only be a baseline to which to tune your bike from...with your engine combl, it is almost certain, you will not find a map anywhere close, dyno tuning is always a must, period, for proper perfromance. 100 identical engines, will require 100 different maps to perform optimally. Every engine is as individual as we are as humans, we all require a little something different to perform optimally, food, drinks, meds, exercise, engine is exactly the same.Tuner for 2011 Harley Davidson Dyna Wide Glide?
    Just tune it in the key of inconsiderate douchebag.Tuner for 2011 Harley Davidson Dyna Wide Glide?
    You've got a gutless, loud, annoying POS Harley, don't go make it worse. They irritate enough people in stock fom.

    Cost for for changing the exhaust on 2010 Harley Sportster Iron 883?

    I want to buy a 2010 Harley Sportster iron 883 and I want to put a VANCE %26amp; HINES BIG RADIUS EXHAUST. I just come from the dealer and they told me that it will cost me $1700. I was told that the exhaust cost $600, I need to get a filter $200 and fuelpak $300. I guess the rest are tuning and installation. Is this realy the case and are there alternatives?

    ThanksCost for for changing the exhaust on 2010 Harley Sportster Iron 883?
    PLEASE contact me, I have some advice for you, but too much to write here. Email me here through my profile with your regular email address so I can write you.

    To do an exhaust job PROPERLY, it can be pricey, BUT...not as expensice as they are telling you.

    DO NOT use the V%26amp;H Fuel Pack!!!.....DO NOT use ANY type of "piggy-back" add-on fuel module!!!....Go with the Screamin Eagle Super won't regret it!!!

    If a Harley DEALER is recommending the Fuel Pack...Stay Away from them, they don't know their @$$ from a hole in the ground...The Screamin Eagle Super Tuner is FROM HD, and THE most advanced/tunable system on the market and is made specifically for HD's Delphi Injection system.

    A friend of mine just had his 09 Fat Boy done...V%26amp;H Staggered Duals $600, Screamin Eagle Air Cleaner $150, Screamin Eagle SUPER TUNER $400, and DYNO TUNING $250....$1400 TOTAL....and he picked up 12hp and 8ft/lb of Torque (would have been higher with a better choice in pipes)Cost for for changing the exhaust on 2010 Harley Sportster Iron 883?
    You really don't need to do much to that bike. Loud pipes, save lives but, if you care about performance without added expense check your options before you buy. The 883 is the best, most tried and true motor Harley makes. The transmission on the 883 is damn near indestructible. Don't sacrifice performance for sound no matter what. If you do your homework first, you'll be happier and wealthier in the end.

    Don't get me wrong, I believe in Harley...don't trust salesmen no matter what they're selling. Get the facts first.Cost for for changing the exhaust on 2010 Harley Sportster Iron 883?
    Buy the exhaust then call They will fix you up with a SE backing plate, super sucker K%26amp;N filter and a mapped out Power Commander for about $400. You can take the PC off and the bike goes back to stock. I have an 08 FLHK and they did the same for me and I'm very,very happy with the results.
    The dealer will charge that, you can install your own easily for less than half that. Check out the vance %26amp; hines web site. Also check out Cobra, they have some drag pipes that sound AMAZING on that 883.

    Removing harley davidson slip on mufflers?

    I just bought a set of vance hines straight shots for my 2010 883 iron. i am having trouble removing the stock mufflers and want to avoid damaging the exaust head pipes. The insructions say not to remove the headpipes completely just to loosen. any tips are more than welcome.Removing harley davidson slip on mufflers?
    if you have the V%26amp;H straightshots then you have a complete exhaust system. just remove the entire exhaust system. If you have the straightshots HS slip-ons, you'll have to loosen the torca clamp till it spins fairly freely ( this is the clamp holding the muffler to the header pipe ). Now you're gonna have to wiggle, or bend the muffler at the clamping area. Squirting some wd-40 or other penetrating lube will help. Holding header pipe, push down on muffler, pull up on muffler, twist and turn it. You should then be able to remove them. Keep bending, pushing and pulling up and down holding onto header pipe at same time. Kinda hard to describe, hope i got my explanation across to you. hope this helps.Removing harley davidson slip on mufflers?
    That's a good description, Just Me.

    Two things to add - plan on a half hour each, they can be a bear to get off.

    Get NEW clamps. They are supposed to be a one-time use item.

    They are known for not locking well with multiple uses.Removing harley davidson slip on mufflers?
    Use a strap wrench to turn the muffler to free it up.

    Can anyone give some advice on pipes for a Honda VTX 1300 Please?

    I've been hearing mixed things from friends about diffrent pipes for my Bike, this is my first bike also considering, so my appologies im still new to the cruiser parts, and havnt hooked up with the local club yet to ask anyone, but soon! =/

    Does anyone have any expericence with Cobra Slip ons, or even Vance hines for that model, how did it sound, and how easy is it to install yourself?

    I did hear from a friend that said he used the cobra slipons, and something about the baffels or packing being too far back and making it too loud, so he had to wrap it with wire and move it up?

    which brings me to my next Question, how much value do you put in the jet kits? or would that be somethign else also i should rely on my local shop to do both the install and the rejet?

    Thanks in advance!Can anyone give some advice on pipes for a Honda VTX 1300 Please?
    changing slip on pipes is very easy, common hand tools and a complete n00b will be done in under an hour

    jets kits, remap, etc... is way over rated, you need to compensate fuel flow if you improve air flow. air flow does not improve with opening up the exhaust, the intake has to be opened up too, i don't get why so many people buy into rejetting for exhaustCan anyone give some advice on pipes for a Honda VTX 1300 Please?
    T谩s maluco ou qu锚?Can anyone give some advice on pipes for a Honda VTX 1300 Please?
    I would keep the bike stock. It looks and sounds good the way it is.
    try the clayton mod 1st, I did mine deep and it sounds great plus I kept the original look. You can also check out honda vtx forum

    Do Big City Thunder Baffles eliminate the need for remapping?

    On a 2009 Harley Davidson Dyna Street Bob can I purchase the Big City Thunder baffles for Vance %26amp; Hines Big Radius instead of having to go with the Screamin Eagle Race Tuner or Dealer remapping and the new air intake? I've heard without these upgrades you risk burning out the valves or warping the heads. I had thought about just drilling out the baffles until I learned this. Now I've decided to buy pipes but heard I still run that risk without all of the upgrades. If the Big City Thunder baffles eliminates this it would be great.Do Big City Thunder Baffles eliminate the need for remapping?
    Hey, I've got an idea. Did you try calling them? There in the web %26amp; even list a phone number. 704-847-1222
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  • Will i need to rejet my carbs on my Yamaha V Star 650?

    i am thinking of putting on the vance and hines cruzer pipes on my bike and i don't know if i would need to rejet the carbs, and if i would have to have them rejeted would a bike shop know what to rejet them toWill i need to rejet my carbs on my Yamaha V Star 650?
    yes you will need to rejet them whenever you replace the pipes. When I replaced my mufflers I used dynojet had it put it for $100.00.Will i need to rejet my carbs on my Yamaha V Star 650?
    When you buy a good set of pipes the company will tell you what stage jet kit to use.And of course a decent shop can handle that.

    Baffle might have fallen out.?

    I was riding down the rode and something fell out of my exhaust. I thought it was a baffle ( wasn't able to retrieve the piece). I looked in the exhaust and it looked like each pipe still had one in there, so I'm not sure what it was. Could it have been a piece of one maybe? My motorcycle got noticeably louder after it happened.

    btw I have a Vance%26amp; Hines Classic II exhaust.Baffle might have fallen out.?
    lol leave it like that the louder the better


    i just put Vance%26amp;Hines HS straight shot slip ons exhaust with the Big city thunder monster baffles. I did not make any adjustments to the EFI because my harley dealer told me for the slip ons it wasnt necessary and so did the web site. but I didnt mention the baffles to him. These baffles are open and loud. any idea whether it should make a difference?V%26amp;H SLIP ONS ON MY HARLeY?
    The EFI will adjust some what for the new pipes if it has an exhaust sensor (O2 and/or temp). THis will provide feedback to the CPU in the EFI. However to get the best performance the bike needs to be put on a dyno and have the EFI remapped for the pipes.V%26amp;H SLIP ONS ON MY HARLeY?;H SLIP ONS ON MY HARLeY?
    ok so I don't wanna be saved (see stupic link above)

    U tossed the OEM and slipped something else on. Sure it'll do things with the pressure but what the affects are is subject to trial and error, and apparently the only difference is: they are louder and should breathe better.

    and run hotter..without mods?

    Motorcycle question about pipes?

    i have a honda shadow spirit 750. I bought it with vance and hines straight pipes on it. I was told that something had to be done to it after the pipes were put on it or it could burn up the motor if the fuel was too rich running through? Any help? it has a choke on it if that helps to know and it runs good but it sounds like its missing but its due to the pipes... any advice? and how do i know if it was done, something to the carburetor ? its suppose to be something like calibrated.Motorcycle question about pipes?
    pull the spark plugs and take a look at them. If they are white, you are running to lean because of the pipes and need to change the fuel air mix richer. If they are tan, you are fine. If they are black and sooty, you are too rich, and black and tar or oily, you are burning oil.

    A fuel injected bike will normally self adjust up to 20% by itself so that you can ride from sea level to the high mountains without having to reset the fuel injection mixture. A carbed bike may need the jets replaced with a major altitude change.

    The reason you need to change things is because going to the V%26amp;H or other performance pipe, lowers the back pressure and causes the bike to run lean. At the time you replace the pipes, you should also go to a higher input air intake. Both of these will lean the air fuel mix which will make the bike run hotter, and lose performance and HP. You should have the carbed bike re jetted a little richer, and a fuel injected bike remapped.

    hope this helped

    ride safe
    it is running LEAN from a less restrictive exhaust. this lean condition is making it run HOTTER! the fuel mix needs to be richened up,if its carberated it needs larger main jets and or changing the jet needle position with a shim. if its fuel injected it needs to be remapped.the choke is just for cold starts.Motorcycle question about pipes?
    chopperchopster is 100% right. Including, I'm afraid, in his assessment of Tom's answer...

    Enriching the mixture is standard practise when installing freer-breathing exhausts and you need to do it now, before you put a hole in one of your pistons.
    Chopper is 100% correct.You need to find someone that knows how to do a plug reading to tell you just how lean it's running.Chances are good it can be fixed by moving the metering needle and re adjusting the mixture screws.Motorcycle question about pipes?
    Have the carburetor re jetted, ideally on a dyno but in the mean time google others with the same set up and see what # jets they are using. If you don't have carbs, I don't know. Jets are easy to put in in a few minutes if all is exposed. But I'm not familiar with your model. Be sure to keep air cleaner the same type afterwords.
    Never bore out a carb just get them re jetted. We use to bore them before smooth bores got cheap enough that people could afford them.
    When you have an unrestricted exhaust on a carberated engine, in most cases it will need to be re-jetted to richen up the mixture to keep it from over heating and causing other internal engine damage. on fuel injected engines , normally you only have to remap if you change anything on the intake side. remapping can still be beneficial to performance but is not necessary to prevent engine damage
    usually the carbs have to be bored out

    Harley pipes?

    does anyone have the vance @ hines short shots?the black ones? do they sound good?Harley pipes?
    I have them on my SuperGlide. They do sound and look good. The dealership rejetted the carb and tuned the bike for best performance after the pipes were installed and it runs great!
    Yep.Harley pipes?
    They sound good but you are going to lose a good amount of Tq rite where you need it( 2500-3500rpm) from the loss of back pressure. Even with the baffles still inside the V%26amp;Hines.
    Stick to the originals pal. Or else you will gain in one dept. and loose out in the other two.Harley pipes?
    if you wanta hear what they sound like go to "You Tube"
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  • No i need to re-jet?


    I have a 07 v star 650 and i have bought the vance hines Short Shots Exhaust i have not put them on yet some people say i should re-jet and others say it may be ok but if i don't will it hurt the engine? or just run bad


    MattNo i need to re-jet?
    Best bet I'd to go to Vance %26amp; Hines web site. I think that they will recommend you buy a fuel/ignition management system if it is injected [like Cobra or Dyna] and if it is carburated that you buy an ignition management system. You do not even have any jets if it is injected. Jets are only in carburetors. If you have a carburetor you might need new jets if the bike comes that drastically detuned from the factory. You will need jets 1 size bigger. Wait and see after you get the pipes/ignition set up installed. If the engined is starving, running hot, you need the jets. Harley's come very detuned from the factory in order for them to meet emission standards. That's one reason everyone pipes Harley's.No i need to re-jet?
    if you put them on %26amp; then run the bike you can check the color of the spark plugs to see if you need to rejet...

    run the bike on idle for 5 mins.. then check them...

    then run the bike on the road at half throtle for 5 mins ... then check them..

    then run the bike on full throtle for 5 mins %26amp; check them..

    the plugs will tell you if the mixture is right... and where you need to change to make it run well............No i need to re-jet?
    It will prob lean out and run hot with a loss of power and yes it will wear out faster
    If it's fuel injection, which I don't think it is, you will need to re-jet. You're changing the back pressure which will lean the bike out.

    Yamaha FZR vs R6?

    I have a 1994 Yamaha FZR 1000 with low miles, a D%26amp;D complete exhaust, power commander (vance %26amp; hines), jets and a K%26amp;N filter. My friend is buying a stock 2000 Yamaha R6. He says his 600 will smoke my "old" 1000. Even though I have more power, his is lighter. How much of a difference does the weight make. We're talking maybe 100lbs. Anybody know which will be faster?Yamaha FZR vs R6?
    He may beat you off the line, but the powers of your bike will be greater than his. More than likely if you know how to ride it you wouldnt be "smoked". If you have ever heard of a show called PINKS on speedvision, they had a race very similar to this and the "old" bike won.
    Your FZR should take it, as long as it running as it shouldYamaha FZR vs R6?
    is this a straight line race, or will you be on a track, on curvy roads? where?

    on a dragstrip, it is all about reaction time. On a roadrace course, it is the rider, not the bike.

    offer to race him for pinks. make him put his money where his mouth is.
    Well it's obvious where the horse power plays in this race the FRZ will smoke the R6 in a flat out 1/4mile straight (or longer), however you put your money on the R6 in a curvey mountain road. The R6's lighter structure and high-end torque will blow the wheels on the "old" 1000. So with that said I guess you both win. But, I bet my 06 suzuki SV650S will smoke them both!Yamaha FZR vs R6?
    sv650s only 70 hp

    2006 HD 1200XLC- Throttle response?

    i have vance hines full exhaust, as well as their air cleaner. my bike is carbuerated. whenever i take off their is terrible response- sometimes sputters and have to let clutch out extremely slowly to let it catch up.. what is wrong with it? how can i fix this?2006 HD 1200XLC- Throttle response?
    its gotta be runnin rich. i watch the spark plugs in mine but u cud get a wideband gauge to monitor fuel/air mixture at all times,but i watcht he plugs, black is too much gas/not enuf air, and a white plug says im gettin too much air/ not enuf u can go from there and give it more or less air or gas til it starts doin rite2006 HD 1200XLC- Throttle response?
    if it just started to happen and the exhaust and other mods have been in place before this started then I would be looking at my intake manifolds for leaks and checking my accelerator pump to make sure it works correctly. Start the bike and spray W.D.40 around the intake manifolds.If it gets sucked in you have a leak. Take off the air cleaner and give the throttle a quick hard pull.You should see a stream of fuel shoot right down the middle of the carbs throat. If that accelerator pump is not operating properly it will stumble and even stall.Its purpose is to shoot a bunch of extra fuel into the motopr and prevent that problem.2006 HD 1200XLC- Throttle response?
    sounds like the air/fuel mixture needs to be readjusted or the size of the jets are wrong for your application, basically you need a tune up.

    Why is my performance so bad?

    I have a yamaha vstar 650, I have vance and hines short shots and a K%26amp;N air filter. I also cut some holes in my airbox to increase airflow. I had my bike carbs rejetted and Dynoed today and peak horsepower was 30 and torque was 35. I was extremely dissatisfied. That is lower than what the vstar 650 is supposed to get stockWhy is my performance so bad?
    If by stock you mean the factory claimed horsepower, that's usually measured at the engine crankshaft and most dynos take measurements at the rear wheel. The former is always going to be higher than the latter.Why is my performance so bad?
    You should have saved your money to be honest with you.Everyone who has owned a 600 series bike of any other brand-then bought the v-star because of it's sharp profile has complained of the same exact thing as you.I had an 1100 custom classic and when my friend rode it he said it was a little to much for him so he bought the 650.Three weeks later he was poopin his pants when he went to pass a truck and there was almost nothin left in the power and he almost got killed.He ran the gambit of things such as you and could not squeeze one more drop of power from it.Believe me your bike is no different than any of the other 650's! Sadly it is the nature of that particular beast.Why is my performance so bad?
    You are learning what many mechanics have known for years. To get more power out of those aftermarket exhaust and intake modifications you also need a set of cams that are matched for the decrease in Back pressure. And the change in intake characteristics can significantly lower low rpm power. In your case you have lost 6 hp and you paid money to do it. Since the 650cc v-star is designed for maximum torque at 3,000 rpm instead of 8,000 plus for most sportbikes your mods will reduce power while increasing fuel consumption. Stock is always better for fuel economy.

    HD sportster 1200 low?

    2007 1200 cc sportster, screaming eagle air intake with vance/hines competition exhaust.

    Why my sportster generates loud sound when idle; i seen other harley davidson with larger engine sizes, they have low noise when they are in idle mode and have deep/loud sound when it gets revving? Any recommendation? or sportster are designed that way? Have not problem with acceleration or ride with high speed. thanks.HD sportster 1200 low?
    The only thing it could be is the VH exhaust.HD sportster 1200 low?
    You failed to mention WHICH Vance and Hines exhaust system you have....they don't make a "competition" exhaust....short shots, longs shots, big radius, etc....which one do you have????

    Almost none of the V%26amp;H exhaust systems available for a Sporty have packable, quiet baffles, they all use straight through open core louvered baffles that do almost nothing to control sound, they are only there to add SOME restrictive back presure, they are all basicaly drag pipes, they all suck for performance. Unless you change exhaust systems to one that has a different baffle design, the sound you hear is normal and not really changeable. As far as other bikes you hear, they have different exhaust systems with different baffle designs. Harleys stock headers with Screamin Eagle slip on mufflers are, believe it or not, actually one of the best performing systems on the maket, their exhaust cross-over tube/mounting bracket makes the system performas a 2-into-1 system.

    Another VERY good exhaust system is the Drag Specialities Python 2-into-1 system for Sportys, it performs very well and has a quiter baffle design.

    Did you have the fuel injection remapped for the added increase in air flow from the SE air cleaner and exhaust...if NEED TO!!!!! this is a MUST!!!!.......the bike will have more power and run cooler.....

    Harley'sStage 1 Download is SPECIFICALLY designed by Harley for THEIR air cleaner and SLIP ON mufflers only. ANY deviation from this, and the download is less than optimal. There is a very high probability you will get alot of exhaust popping and backfiring on engine decel. If you want it tuned RIGHT, get the Screamin Eagle Super Tuner and have the bike dyno tuned. The diference between the Stage 1 and a TUNED Spuer Tuner is like night and day, you will have better performance and fuel economy combined. It is pricey to have this done though, but I have always believed that you get what you pay for. The Super Tuner runs about $450 and tuning is usually around $250-350. With the Stage 1, if you pay the $200 and aren't happy, you're screwed, you lost the $200, and will have to have the Tuner added and then tuned, also the Stage 1 will not allow for any changes made in the future, with the Tuner, if you make changes again in the future, just have it re-tuned.

    Stay away from the Power Commanders and Fuel Paks, etc, for Harleys, they are pretty much junk. The Super Tuner (SEST), I hate to say, is almost twice as expensive at $460 plus the cost of tuning, BUT, it is 100% fully tuneable for everything control of the ECM and does not require a big box and bulky wire harness to be mounted to the bike, it is simply an interface that reprograms the stock ECM, once remapped, it is removed and stored in a safe place (SEST's, once installed on a bike, are "married" to that bike and will not work on any other bike, so do not look at buying a used one, it won't work. The Power Commanders and Fuel Pak ONLY control fuel and maybe rev-limit, the SEST will adjust fuel, timing advance and curve, rev limit, engine decel enleanment to eliminate backfiring and popping, allow for engine size changes,, injector changes, and so on. The difference between a bike tuned with a Pwr Comm and an SEST is like night and day, generally you can expect about 5-10 more hp/tq from an SEST than a Pwr Comm

    1994 Suzuki Katana?

    First of all thanks to the ones who talked me into getting the helicoil. The bike works great. My question now is what can i do to upgrade the performance....(Its a 1994 Suzuki GSX-600F) I already have a full Vance %26amp; Hines Exhaust System, Ive cleaned the jets and thats about it. and what websites can i get the parts from. I want to put a sproket kit on it(A small one for torque for power up wheelies in 1st but not loose all my top end( i had it at 132 at 7500rpms in 6th) Thanks in advance1994 Suzuki Katana?
    ever think bout turbocharged the bike..?? it would be super outrageous

    Questions on a Ninja Ex500 exhaust?

    I recently purchased a 1987 ex500 Ninja and it came with a Vance and Hines exhaust on it. The problem with this is that it is LOUD! Is there any way to reduce the sound by a lot without spending bucket loads of money. I found stock exhaust but they were 200 bucks each. I heard something about replacement bafflers, or lining or something. Any help would be appreciated.Questions on a Ninja Ex500 exhaust?
    the baffles come apart and you can replace the fiberglass liningQuestions on a Ninja Ex500 exhaust?
    There's a few cans on ebay really cheap. Check it out.鈥?/a>

    Is this a good buy ?


    WEEKEND SPECIAL Excellent condition Aero in red and black. Whitewalls and Vance %26amp; Hines exhaust otherwise stock, low mile condition. Has single pin V twin which run like a HD motor. Great cruiser for seasoned or beginning rider. Very low maintenance Honda quality cruiser. Come in for cash specials. You CAN ride today!


    New/Used: Used

    Year: 1998

    Make: HONDA

    Model: SHADOW AERO 1100 VT1100C3

    Type: CRUISER

    Purchase Status: For Sale

    Price: $4,999

    Mileage: 9800

    Primary Color: red

    Secondary Color: black



    Type: 1100cc V twinIs this a good buy ?
    to me it seems like its a really great deal. i looked at pics of it and if its in the condition you say it is, then go for it. but what do i know. you should go with what you think. your instinct. what you feel is right. if you think its good, go for it. if i were you i'd get the bike. especially if its in that condition at that price.Is this a good buy ?
    to me it seems like its a really great deal. i looked at pics of it and if its in the condition you say it is, then go for it. but what do i know. you should go with what you think. your instinct. what you feel is right. if you think its good, go for it. if i were you i'd get the bike. especially if its in that condition at that price.

    Do I need FuelPak for HD with V&H Pipes?

    getting pipes from Vance %26amp; Hines, but do I need the FuelPak to get the right sound? have an 07 Electra Glide Classic.Do I need FuelPak for HD with V%26amp;H Pipes?
    It's not intended for "sound" . The fuel pak or power commander override stock fuel air mixtures to make your bike run correctly with the new, less restricted pipes.

    Yes , highly advisable or you are likely to run lean.
  • oil change
  • Aftermarket mods chances in MPG for CBR f3?

    If I put Vance and Hines HEaders and Midpipe on my bike with my yoshi exhaust, and a k%26amp;N air kilter, and rejetted my bike

    If i get about 53 highway and 40 city, what would it be afterwards? Anyone have accurate figures, form personal experiance maybe. TahnksAftermarket mods chances in MPG for CBR f3?
    It's hard to say exactly, and really depends on how you ride the bike, but I'd say expect to see anywhere from a 5-10 mpg drop, maybe more if you typically ride the bike really hard.Aftermarket mods chances in MPG for CBR f3?
    ide go with red...Aftermarket mods chances in MPG for CBR f3?
    hey stupid did it ever occure to you to find out from the manufactuer?

    Suzuki m800 ( M50 in the usa) Fi warning light/after market exhausts?

    I have a M800 cruiser. I got vance and hines cruzer pipes. Theres no slot for the lamber sensor so the fi light comes on. whats the cure? can anyone help me out?Suzuki m800 ( M50 in the usa) Fi warning light/after market exhausts?
    Contact Kitech Performance in Wales.

    They offer an eliminator, which plugs into the fuel injection system where the Lambda sensor would go. This fools the electronics into thinking the Lambda sensor is still there and stops the light coming on.

    Do motorcycle performance upgrades (exhaust, air cleaner, ect) increase CC's?

    i just recently got some performance upgrades done to my HD iron 883. i got the Vance %26amp; Hines pipes, roland sands venturi air cleaner, screaming eagle super tuner and dyno tuned. still have the stock 883 engine. the stock HP was 46HP and now i'm pushing 58HP. does this increase how many CC's my bike has? thanks for reading.Do motorcycle performance upgrades (exhaust, air cleaner, ect) increase CC's?
    NO. CC's is Cubic Centimeters, this is the engine displacement, how big the engine is. The only way to increase the displacement is to make the cylinder bore larger or increase the stroke of the crankshaft.

    In your case, the most bang for the buck is a 1200 conversion. There are several different ways of doing this.

    1. Bore your stock 3.000" bore cylinders out to 3.500". This will run about $250-300 depending on who does it.

    2. Buy new 1200 cylinders. About $300.

    Now it gets a little more complicated, depending on what you want the engine to do. Higher top end speed???...OR...More low end torque???....OR...BOTH.

    To get more top end HP and speed, install stock 1200 heads and flat-top pistons. This basically turns your 883 into a stock 1200.

    To get more low-end TQ with a LITTLE less top end speed (about 10mph) use your stock 883 heads with reverse-dome pistons, my preference is Keith Black Hypereutectic Pistons.

    If you want a 1200 that HAULS ***, get the Screamin Eagle Sportster Heads and High Compression Pistons. The HC Pistons will give you 11.3:1 compression, stock flat-tops will give 10.5:1.

    An 883-1200 conversion with 883 heads and reverse-dome pistons will out pull a stock 1200 due to the intake and exhaust ports being slightly smaller, creating higher intake and exhaust gas velocity which creates more torque. Also, the 883 comes with a 27 tooth front sprocket as opposed to the 29 tooth on the 1200, this gives the 883 a mechanical TQ increase due to it's smaller displacement. The 883 also uses cams that help produce more TQ as compared to the cams in the 1200 that are designed to give more higher rpm HP.

    If you use the Screamin Eagle Heads, your engine builder can help you pick out cams that will compliment the rest of the engine and suited for the type of riding you do.

    BTW....58 HP from an 883 is NOT bad at all.....sounds like you got a good tuner, stick with him and ask him for advice on further engine work.

    If you have any more questions, email me here through my profile, I'll be glad to help.

    Here is a XR1200 that I just did recently.........I had the heads ported with oversize valves, hi-flo guides, radius valve job, 10.5:1 compression, cnc ported throttle body, Screamin Eagle Air Cleaner, RedShift Cams, and modified STOCK exhaust, all with a Screamin Eagle Super Tuner modified ECM. This was actually one of the easiest bikes I ever put out 112hp @ 6700rpm and 108 ft/lbs of torque @ 5900rpm..............these measurements are taken at the WHEEL...not the crank.....and are higher figures than a STOCK HD 103" Big Twin.............Do motorcycle performance upgrades (exhaust, air cleaner, ect) increase CC's?
    All you upgrades did not change the engine displacement. Cubic Centimeters is a term for an engine's displacement.

    Here is the formula.

    Area of the bore (radius squared times pi) time the length of the stroke times the number of cylinders.

    You have not alters the diameter of the bore or the length of the stroke or increased the number of cylinders.

    Therefore your Harley-Davidson still displaces 883 cc's.

    It is a shame that you the customer has to pay extra money for these needed performance modifications. This should be standard equipment from Harley-Davidson. To think in this day and age a nearly 900 cc engine only producing 46 horsepower.

    Good Luck with your Harley-Davidson.Do motorcycle performance upgrades (exhaust, air cleaner, ect) increase CC's?
    If you take a quart of milk and wrap it in fancy paper with a bow and ribbons you still have a quart of milk.The same is true with an engine all the fancy doodahs you add on the outside doesn't change the physical dimensions of the motor.
    What Bob said...about the doodahs...LOL

    Can i adjust the idle mixture instead of rejetting, 2006 VT1100 Shadow Sabre.?

    Just added Vance %26amp; Hines long shots. Have not modified air intake. Exhaust pops at idle, runs smooth when u pull back on the throttle a hair. Can i get away with jus adjusting the idle mixture? If i need to rejet do i need to change out only the main jet or the slow jets as well??Can i adjust the idle mixture instead of rejetting, 2006 VT1100 Shadow Sabre.?
    Every bike is different. Adjust just the mixture MAY do it for you. But I find many carbs don;t offer enough range. Also, the mixture screw is really only affecting idle and low rpm mix. If you get the pops at higher speeds or from a highway speed decel, likely you will also need to shim the needle. You can get carb needle shims at any motorcycle store. One may do it. this raises the needle a bit and allows more fuel at mid range.

    While you have the top half of the carb apart, pull the slide out and enlarge the hole in the bottom just a bit. This will give better throttle response and is equivalent to changing out the spring that most jet kits provide. If you add a better flowing intake, you will then need to get one size larger pilot jet, and perhaps one size larger main jet, depending on your altitude.

    No need for a jet kit. Waste of money for what you get.
    You decide. There's no magic formula. Whatever works best on your bike.Can i adjust the idle mixture instead of rejetting, 2006 VT1100 Shadow Sabre.?
    Try turning the air idle mixture screws in a 1/4 turn to decrease air and increase fuel at idle. this may fix the problem.If the engine over heats you may have to increase the size of the idle jets as well as the main jets.
    That's all you'll need to do.

    Richen the idle mixture (open the mixture screws - counter clockwise).

    1/4 turn at a time until the problem is solved.

    You'll have to remove the blind plugs to get at the mixture screws.Can i adjust the idle mixture instead of rejetting, 2006 VT1100 Shadow Sabre.?
    you should do a jet kit to get the most and you only change mains and adjust idle mixture
    you might be able to get away with a float adjustment, idle mixture is just that the mix of air and fuel at idle. every bike is different, and different things work differently,IE: some bikes can take a ### main jet. but your friends bike that has the same modifications, is sitting next to your bike, and has the same engine, may have to have a ###+3 main jet to idle, and perform the same as yours, and everything has to be set differently.

    there is no sure answer when it comes to carbs. and it is hard to find good carb people any more.
    if what guardrail said solves the problem also on decell on the street u'll be ok. but if it pops when ur slowing down from a light, u should do a rejet. and do both jets. they come in a kit.
    check your plugs, run it hard then cut ignition and pull your spark plugs, should be chocolate brown (lite). You will get a little popping at low RPM because of less back pressure with the vance and hines. I have drag pipes on my harley and same thing.
    mines a newer 04 and you have to re-jet newer bikes because they dont have air-fuel screws.....

    Remap Motorcycle Exhaust / Power Commander?

    I just put down an order for Vance %26amp; Hines Straightshots for my Suzuki Boulevard c50 ('06). Is it necessary to remap the fuel injection system/purchase a power commander system? It seems a bit pricey (the pipes were expensive enough).Remap Motorcycle Exhaust / Power Commander?
    If the straightshot pipes do not have baffles in them, then I would say Yes. If there are street legal mufflers on them, then I would say no. More than likely the FI system can compensate for any minor changes a set of pipes may bring to the machine. Problems with a stock system may arise if the new pipes lack back pressure.Remap Motorcycle Exhaust / Power Commander?
    I own an 05 C50T. Anything you do to the bike to increase either the air intake volume or exhaust volume (flow, not sound level) should require a remapping of your air/fuel mixture to obtain maximum benefit from the changes. The way you do this on a fuel injected bike is with a Power Commander or similar product. I just installed a PCIII USB on my bike last Saturday. It took maybe 30 minutes and was a piece of cake. I have not yet modified my exhaust or air intake, so I am using the "stock bike" map for now. It made a noticeable difference in how my bike runs. I highly recommend one. Shop around for the best deal. BTW, check out this website if you haven't already: Motorcycle Exhaust / Power Commander?
    dont know the answer for your bike but last week i put the vance %26amp; hines big radius, hyper charger and the power commander 3 on my harley softail 07. was the best thing ive done. its like some one elses bike. i could not be happier with the performance. good luck and ride safe
    You probably will, the easiest way to determine this is to look at the color of your spark plugs ( Before) the new pipes go on.

    Once you have installed the new pipes , ride for a day and check the plugs again. If they are the same color (which is unlikely) then you are O.K..

    If the plugs are a lighter color ,that indicates the bike is lean and that your fuel air ratio has to be altered.
  • xenon
  • Thursday, January 12, 2012

    Do i need to remap my 2007 883 sporty if i'm replacing the exhaust?

    i have a 2007 fuel injected 883 sportster, and im planning on replacing the stock exhaust with a vance and hines i need to remap my bike? dealer said yes, but im not sure if that's true...they want 500.00 for the remapping...Do i need to remap my 2007 883 sporty if i'm replacing the exhaust?
    the '07 bikes are already set quite lean from the factory to clear epa specs. injected bikes isnt as easy to adjust compared to carbs, they require a computer to do it. if u want to get the most out of ur bike, u should also put on a high flow air cleaner and power commander properly dialed in. it sounds like they are/were going to also put on a power commander. shop time is expensive; at warren hd, it's 60 an hour. do the job right the first time. u cant afford to let a stock bike run any leaner than it already is from the factory. engine damage can result, and that wont be covered under warrenty.
    V%26amp;H slip ons will not change your fuel / air ratio very much. So, no, you will not have to remap.

    This change will give you a better sound, but very no measurable performance increase.

    If you also improve the intake (SE air kit), then you will need to re-map. $500 for remapping is too high. It will take less than 30 minutes to do this, so you should be charged shop-rate for that.

    Find a good independent HD shop.Do i need to remap my 2007 883 sporty if i'm replacing the exhaust?
    Are you also going to open up the air intake by going to a Screamin' Eagle air cleaner kit? If so, which I recommend in addition to the pipes,

    (Stage .5 (also known as "The Harley Tax"): Stock plus:

    SE Air Cleaner(1)

    SE Slip-On Mufflers or equivalent(2)

    Rejetting (DynoJet, Yost or just jets)(3) my note: re-mapping if F.I.

    HP=50 for 883, 60 for factory 1200(4)

    then yes, you will need to re-map since you have altered the air-fuel ratio. If you are just going with pipes(but, what's the point in that), I would wait and see how it runs without re-mapping.
    you don't have to remap, but the bike will run differently with out the remap,as it is set up to run with oem pipesDo i need to remap my 2007 883 sporty if i'm replacing the exhaust?
    yes you need to have it remapped, but, I'd check around. I had a set of Python slip on's put on my bike (883 custom) when I bought it in 2005, and the pipes, new air cleaner and remapping only cost $375, so if this dealer is going to charge you $500 just for the remap, you'd better find another dealer.

    I just bought an 07 Street Glide, I live in Pennsylvania, and one dealer charges $275 for the 2,500 mile checkup, while another that I'm going to go to charges $130 for the same thing. It's worth checking out.
    According to my local dealer you will need to remap only if using a full exhaust system and or a upgraded intake system.

    Since you are doing slip-ons then you should be fine with out the remap.

    Now about the prize for the remap its about right. You are probably getting a dinojet or power commander thats about $300 plus about $200 for the installation. I was quote this same prize about a week ago at my local dealer.

    Check the link below and see the cobra digital fuel processor that they make for your bike. With this one there is no need for a pc or anything like that. You can probably find it for about $200 on the web and you can fine tune it yourself in no time (its very simple). Some H-Ds come already with it so try to find out if yours has it.

    Illinois Motorcycle Exhaust Law?

    I just installed Vance and Hines Straightshots on my Suzuki Boulevard c50 yesterday and I LOVE the sound. The only thing I am worried about right now is getting pulled over for noise complaint/pollution. On the AMA website for Illinois law under exhaust noise:

    "Maximum allowable A-weighted sound levels based on measurements taken at a distance of 50 feet (Sec. 902.122): 80-82dBA at less than 35mph; 86dBA at more than 35mph."

    Basically I want to know if the straighshots are within legal limits or if any Illinois riders out there have any stories about getting pulled over for this.

    Ride safe!Illinois Motorcycle Exhaust Law?
    Contrary to Alan J's answer... Loud pipes DO NOT save lives!

    They just piss off little old ladies who VOTE for ever more restrictive noise polution laws and make things that much worse for every legal motorcycle rider!!!

    I love the sound that Vance %26amp; Hines pipes make on a properly set up V-twin motorcycle, but make sure you have the proper baffles installed, and stay with the laws, or you may be one of the idiots who contribute to more and more restrictive laws being considered in your state!
    Loud pipes save lives.Illinois Motorcycle Exhaust Law?
    Your best bet would be to contact V%26amp;H about the noise level. I HIGHLY doubt it is below 80-82dB, but it all depends on how you ride. Low RPM riding is obviously much quieter than high RPM, but you have to remember, for every 3dB increase on the SPL meter, your brain perceives the sound as being twice as loud. That said, it's highly unlikely any cop is going to be carrying an SPL meter around in his squad. If you're really worried, try pulling in the clutch and coasting past cops instead. I think that law is more for the truly obnoxious people who think that everyone in 3 counties has to know they are out for a ride, and rev the living beegees out of it to show off.
    the fuzz wont bother u if u dont act like a moronic squid and crack the pipes just to crack em. i dont mind a little bit of rumble, but i cant stand some dillweed rappin on straight pipes just to set off car alarms or rattle windows at 3am.

    these morons with loud pipes is causing more and more communities to pass very restrictive laws in reguards to pipes. denver colorado being one of them. they're setting the stage for it becoming illegal to take off the stock pipes. soon, the non-riders will call for a national law to put the aftermarket pipe sellers out of business....all because of idiotic squids.

    loud pipes lose rights.Illinois Motorcycle Exhaust Law?
    Jet Doc is Full of himself

    i have had numerous occasions where people have heard me and NOT seen me and therefore did NOT pull out in front of me.

    If he thinks all sound goes backwards, then why do deer and other animals snap there heads up when standing on the side of the road when they hear me coming?

    Most police understand this, a lot of them ride.

    As someone else said, don't be laying on the throttle when in residential areas, or around the cops.

    Do I have to re-tune my '06 Yamaha R1 if I gut the cat out?

    I have a 2006 Yamaha R1 and I just put that A%26amp;R Motorsports baffle kit from Vance and Hines in. It sounds great but I want it a little louder. I don't want to spend any more money either. I'm assuming if I just gut the cat this will be achieved. But will I need to tune the computer or anything or will I be ok just to gut it and ride. Also, any tips on how to gut the cat???Do I have to re-tune my '06 Yamaha R1 if I gut the cat out?
    do not try and gut the can you will just ruin it. you do not need to make it louder. remember if you assume you make an *** out of yourself.Do I have to re-tune my '06 Yamaha R1 if I gut the cat out?
    Keep our air clean and leave the cat intact.Do I have to re-tune my '06 Yamaha R1 if I gut the cat out?
    If it has O2 sensors, it should stay intact, otherwise the ECU won't calculate properly since there'll be no change in O2 levels across the cat. The ECU will think that something's wrong and try to compensate.

    2006 Harley Road King, Im having a lean problem on the rear cylinder.?

    I changed the intake gaskets twice, compression is good, checked the sensors and injectors on the intake and all is ok .After removing the intake the seals where not torn. I installed a Vance and Hines Fuel Pak and tried a few different codes and no difference. Or could it be the nature of the beast.2006 Harley Road King, Im having a lean problem on the rear cylinder.?
    Hopefully the harleyfixer will see your question and try to help you.He knows much more about fuel injection than i do.But these days the bikes run lean as it is from the factory to help comply with emissions laws.What are you basing your assumption that it's running lean on?If it's because the rear cylinder seems to be much hotter than the front that's the nature of the beast.They do run hotter.Especially twin cams.What kind of pipes are you running?

    Should i be concerned about my saddlebags with V&H Shortshots?

    im looking at upgrading my FXDS from stock exhaust to vance and hines shortshots, but since the pipes are shorted (obviously) do i need to be concerned about exhaust fumes either stinking up or damaging my right side saddle bag and its contents?Should i be concerned about my saddlebags with V%26amp;H Shortshots?
    If I were you I would be more concerned about the added noise without any real performance the short-shots provide. Add the higher cost of the pipes vs. the screamin' eagle equivalent, the remapping (or re-jetting) %26amp; airbox mods.

    Its your bike, outfit it the way you want, but at least look at the S/E slip-ons. They at least add performance, and will extend below the saddlebag and would not be cause for any concern whatsoever, and give a better sound than the V%26amp;H's. Surdyke at one time had the best price on Screamin' Eagle pipes.Should i be concerned about my saddlebags with V%26amp;H Shortshots?
    cant say til you mount
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  • What's a reasonable trade-in value for a '97 Virago 750?

    In June 2002 I bought a 1997 Yamaha Virago XV750J with 10,000 mi in Hondo Tx. It was in great shape mechanically but had a good size dent (3 in) in the tank.

    Now it has about 50,000 mi and another dent in the tank but it still runs great. It gets 45 mi/gal which is about the same as when I got it. All parts that were replaced, were replace with Yamaha original except the exhaust is Vance and Hines (sounds much better). Current Blue Book trade-in value is $1990.

    I want to sell or trade-in in Houston in September for a Kawasaki Concours or a Suzuki Volusia. What do you think the Virago is worth?What's a reasonable trade-in value for a '97 Virago 750?
    Sell it yourself for $1000 to $1300 cash and be happy. Or you could ask the book people where to get $1900.
    you'd be better off selling it outright. a dealer isn't gonna give ya much for it.What's a reasonable trade-in value for a '97 Virago 750?
    As much as I respect motorcycle dealerships and their need to make a profit (i personally know a couple guys who work in dealerships), the used bike market is dominated by private party sales for GOOD REASON. I have bought and sold a handful of used bikes, and never once considered going through a dealer. They will charge 20-30 percent more than a private party for a sale, and the gap with trade-in value is even worse.

    Post your bike for sale at or craig's list.
    According to N.A.D.A. that bikes sells from between 1,800-2,300 hundred bucks. So the dealer will give you next to nothing for it. Try selling it yourself.What's a reasonable trade-in value for a '97 Virago 750?
    1,000 bucks
    If you can get $1500 trade in you're lucky. Take it and run.
    ill give ya 10 bucks

    1994 Honda CBR900RR no start problem?

    My 1994 Honda CBR900RR won't start. It will fire if you put the joke on all the way but it just won't start and if you start to open the throttle then it stops firing. I replaced the spark plugs, ignition coils, spark plug wires, air filter, and fuel filter. The only aftermarket parts on it are a stage one jet kit and a vance and hines powerpak. Does anyone have any ideas what to do next?1994 Honda CBR900RR no start problem?
    sounds like fuel problem. check fuel pump and injector pulses1994 Honda CBR900RR no start problem?
    Clean the carburetors.

    Look in the fuel tank.

    If you see any rust or foreign debris, your problem is definitely fuel related.

    07 road king with up grades and dyno at 68 hp why?

    i have a o7 road king 96inch.vance %26amp; hines true duals big shots with power commander and a spike air intake sys thats should give me 20%more air intake then the stk set up,and was dyno at 68 hp 88 ftlbs torque that doesnt sound good i was expecting bigger gains what could be the problem ?07 road king with up grades and dyno at 68 hp why?
    This is about all you can get without modifying the heads and changing the cams. If you go for high dyno numbers you will lose some of your low RPM torque and it will make your heavy road king less streetable. Also the crankshaft will have a much shorter life expectancy. When the crankshaft run-out becomes excessive it will then destroy the oil pump. My advice would be to get the fuel mixture just right so the engine will produce the best power at the speeds you normally ride.07 road king with up grades and dyno at 68 hp why?
    Probably jetting, or the fuel mixture if it's injected. My '03 is still stock 88", with stock cams, a Screamin' Eagle race module and coil, Bassani Pro-Street pipes, and a Daughrty Powr-Pak air induction system, and it dynos at 81 HP. I'd suggest having it dyno tuned, if you haven't already. Most H.D. dealers have the facilities to set you up.07 road king with up grades and dyno at 68 hp why?
    Ancient low tech push rod engine design limits HP. By comparison 100 CI Victory with Stage 1 kit is well over 90 HP. Still a V twin but 4 valve OHC oil cooled. If you are interested in HP you own the wrong brand of MC. There is a video on YOUTUBE of a 110 CI Screaming Eagle Harley getting smoked by a stock 100 CI Victory Jackpot.
    You should be approx. 80 hp, trash the Power Commander and have your dealer re-flash the ECM with the Stage 1 download.

    I have an XVS1300A (1300 V-Star). I'm after an exhaust system, or pipes to give my bike a little more sound.?

    I have checked e-bay and other related exhaust sites, Vance and Hines, Cobra, Oz Exhausts. But maybe there is someone who is in-the-know and can help.

    My bikes present pipes are 2-into-1. I'm looking at fitting it with 2-into-2.I have an XVS1300A (1300 V-Star). I'm after an exhaust system, or pipes to give my bike a little more sound.?
    stick to the 2 into 1 pipes, they create more h.p. as far as v-stars, check out pacific coast star. they have a line of products you may be interested in.I have an XVS1300A (1300 V-Star). I'm after an exhaust system, or pipes to give my bike a little more sound.?
    J%26amp;P metric catalog, Dennis Kirk,鈥?/a>鈥?/a>鈥?/a>

    These ought to get you started...

    How to replace exhaust gaskets on a 99 superglide?

    I just replaced my stock pipes with Vance %26amp; HInes big shots and when I removed the old pipes I didn't noticed the gaskets... are these somehow mounted on the rim of the exhaust ports? thinking I didn't need these I installed the new pipes without new gaskets, I thought the sales rep gave them to me by mistake.... how do you get these out? should they just pop out or what? HELP!!!How to replace exhaust gaskets on a 99 superglide?
    The exhaust gaskets are a soft wire mesh, they are hard to see in the exhaust port. It is recommended that they be replaced when doing exhaust work(I cheat once in a while)

    To remove them use a dental pick or small screwdriver ,stab into the soft gasket and pull it out( it's easy)

    Install your new ones carefully as not to mash them, flat side in ,flared side out. " Do Not Over tighten" 8-10 lbs is all that is needed.How to replace exhaust gaskets on a 99 superglide?
    If you can't get them out with a pick, aim a screw driver at the inside diameter (from inside-out) and tap on the screw driver. When they separate from the engine, pry them out.
  • mercedes benz usa

    why didn't you buy a real bike with some horsepower
    tornado air kit 11plus hp

    More power?

    My '06 came with the TC88.

    The darn thing would literally pull itself out from under my butt when I got it!

    It's actually a little slower with the opened pipes.
    Open the throttle up all the way.........WHAT IS SOME THINGS I CAN DO TO GET MORE H.P. OUT OF MY 07 HARLEY FXDSE ?
    Hmm.... ALL CAPS must mean he's shouting, because he can't hear himself think over those open pipes.

    I'll agree with the previous poster that said his bike ran worse with open exhaust. Very often, open pipes only give the impression of increased horsepower because of increased volume. Engines require a certain amount back-pressure in the exhaust manifold to run properly.

    You really don't need more HP. You need suspension upgrades. That bike already can't handle well enough to maximize the HP you do have.
    The first question should be why do you think you need more hp? The bike has more than enough to get you into trouble.

    As is, it will smoke most cruiser style bikes. In addition, horse power comes at a cost. Accelerated wear on parts, use more fuel with less efficiency, and if you are into riding the twisty's, it will get you into trouble with this bike's geometry.

    However, if you feel the need for speed, I suggest modifying the air box to draw in more air. You will also need to modify your fuel injection mapping to keep the bike from running lean, and add a large oil cooler as well. Once you start adding hp buy the above method you will notice that it will start to run towards the hot side.

    If you are wanting extra hp to keep up with the crotch rocket group, then get a sport bike. There are many sport bikes from 600cc to 1000cc that will outperform this bike in acceleration and lowend torque that will take the twisties far better and act like they are glued to the road.

    Now if you are riding with a cruiser group, learn this bike and how far you can push it. It will handle twisties better than most with the exceptions of some of the bikes made by Buell, and the V-Rod. The big four from Japan lack cruisers that will handle like this bike. However, don't be surprised when you encounter some old fart on a 883 that out corners you.

    Most performace mods do not give you the best bang for the buck. The best you can hope for is a 5% to 10% increase unless you actually put a blower/super charger and run a 1 to 2 pounds of boost. However expect the bike to eventually to grenade when boost, or Nitrous is added. From personal experiance, it is too tempting to hit the nitrous button, or think that if I got a 25% increase from 2lbs of boost how much more I'd get with 3lbs? The eventual answer is an expensive repair, or a delivery to the junk yard.

    My suggestion is be happy with it as is, and ride it like you stole it!
    the 96 inch motor is the basically the same as the old 88 twin cam but with the stroker crankshaft. if you go to big bore pistons you will come out with 103 cubic inches. do not use the h-d pistons. builders like using the stock heads to modify and the original cylinders to bore out. the heads have more meat to work with, a stage 2 porting should run about $400.00 to $500.00 with larger valves and compression releases. the original cylinders are "seasoned" and make better big bore cylinders than buying new big bore cyl's from h-d.

    check out, they have some very good kits available.
    seriously....if u want serious, actual, factual, and REAL help with this, take my advice: 1, ignore 98% of what's on here. 9 out of 10 is squiddly rice rocketeer's that cant ride. we have wanna-be squids that DONT ride on here also.

    2: go straight to this site and register. u will find a better bunch of peeps here that wont bs u like on here.

    the people up there will actually try to help u get the most out of ur scoot, and trade ideas on things they might not have tried yet. there's too many anti-harley idiots here be sure. u want the straight dope, i just sent ya to the spot.
    There are plenty of ways to increase horsepower.

    But, there is an old saying, "Horsepower cost money, how fast ($) do you want to go?"
    Why would you want to get more power out of an engine that is already pushed to it's limits (as evidenced by it's overheating problems). And has a chassis that can't even deal with the current ammount of power you have which is not much at all. Face it man you bought a lame duck Harley. No power, no handling, can't handle upgrades well, no excitement. If you wan't an american bike that at least has some sembelance of performance get a buell. If you want a real bike with superior performance check out Japanese and Europen makes. They make bike that have superior performance, sound, quality, comfort, and price.